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1. Use of cookies

  1. The website of Auto 100 Rent OÜ uses cookies. Cookies are text files that the website stores on the user's computer. Cookies allow us to tailor our website and offers to our customers' needs, display appropriate content based on the customer's choices and journey, and overall provide a better online experience. In addition, cookies are used to measure the use of pages on our website to help us make our website more suitable and accessible to our customers. We additionally use retargeting cookies to send personalized advertising content to the customer, with the aim of helping to select advertising that best matches the customer's interests. Cookies are used and stored on the customer's device only with the user's consent, except for technical cookies that are necessary for the website to function.
  2. The types of cookies we use are known as session cookies and persistent cookies;
  3. session cookies are temporary and are automatically deleted when you leave our website; and
  4. persistent cookies remain on the computer's hard drive until they are deleted.
  5. We do not use cookies to collect information about visits to other websites or to process personal data that is not listed in these terms. Cookies do not destroy or damage your computer, programs or computer files.