52 weekends.

One you will keep in good memory.

Choose your own.

Your Porsche.

Enjoy your life to its fullest - drive a Porsche!

Enjoy the rush of adrenaline that will give even the most demanding car enthusiast goosebumps. Until now, it was a service that our customers could only take part in in a few places around the world. Now Tallinn has been added to the list of favorites!

In case of Porsche Drive Rental, you can choose a period of up to 30 days, during which you can drive your dream Porsche. If you feel like it, take a Porsche even for a day, but we warn you that it might not be enough!

Porsche Drive Subscription will be by your side on the longer journeys, from 1 month up to 12 months.

Porsche Drive Rental & Subscription

  • Porsche Drive Rental - up to 30 days

    Make life more special. Rent a Porsche for a day to make a nice trip to nature or drive around the city instead. If you want to spend the whole weekend with someone special, a Porsche is also a great companion.

    If you want to explore Estonia, Porsche will take you from town to town and from village to village with special pleasure. If you have a business event coming up, where Porsche would add spice and elegance, the solution is once again here.

  • Porsche Drive Subscription - 1 to 12 months

    It's a feeling of freedom. Due to the fixed monthly fee, you can forget about Euribor and interest rate concerns. Only joys remain, because it is a full service. The package includes maintenance, insurance, tires according to the season, their replacement and, if necessary, a replacement car. You just enjoy the experience and we will take care of everything.

    But what happens if, for example, after a couple of months of contract, you feel like you want more? There is no need to do anything - by continuing to use, the contract will be automatically extended. We have really thought of every nuance to make your Porsche experience perfect!

Porsche Drive Rental Voucher

Give away pure adrenaline.

How Porsche Drive Rental works?

  • Select a rental station

  • Posrche Drive or Subscription?

  • Select desired Porsche

  • Pick-up your car and start driving

Minimum requirements

  • Age

    21+ years of age

  • Driver's license

    At least 2 years of driving experience (international driving license is required for non-EU customers)

  • Deposit (by credit card)

    1000 €

  • Payment options

    Bank link or credit card (Apple Pay and Google Pay)

Why Porsche Drive?

  • Created for you

    Choose the right model that meets your expectations and requirements. Versatility is added by the possibility to change cars and try different models.

  • Fixed fee

    Whether your are using Porsche Drive Rental or Subscription, the rental fee is fixed and all kinds of concerns about interest rates and Euribor fluctuations disappear.

  • Full service

    Porsche Drive Subscription includes maintenance, insurance, tire change and, if necessary, a replacement car. You just enjoy and drive!

  • Flexible

    Porsche Drive includes packages for every taste - enjoy a top-class car for one night or for the whole year. We have a solution for every wish.